Practical info

Coming to Movin’On? Here’s what you should know

There’s going to be a lot happening over the course of three days, and we know it can seem a bit overwhelming. Which talks should I attend? How do I register for workshops and masterclasses? How do I book braindates? What are labs? What’s for dinner? Should I stay the weekend?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out this overview of the key elements, and what you need to know to take full advantage of each: Pro tips for optimizing your experience.

Dress code, you ask? Nope, we just want you to look and feel your best, whatever that may be. But be prepared for anything and everything.
Not the info you’re looking for? Keep reading, or ask your Concierge Extraordinaire.

Where is Movin’On

2020 Rue William, Montréal, QC, Canada

Movin’On 2017 will take place at Arsenal, at 2020 William Street, Montréal, QC (H3J 1R8), in Montréal’s historic, innovation-driven Griffintown district. Arsenal is a flagship industrial heritage building that’s been transformed into a vast contemporary art gallery.

Arsenal’s mix of industry and art serves as the perfect setting for what we like to call the Movin’On village. The Movin’On village also extends onto park land behind Arsenal, affording access to the historically significant Lachine Canal, a vestige of the industrial age. This village-like setting is reinvented to serve as a creative playground where curiosity is the norm, risk is encouraged and anything can happen.

Getting there

There are many options for low- and zero-carbon transportation to get to Movin’On.

Car-sharing services with our partner Communauto:
To get to and from the site, use car-sharing services with Communauto :
You can access Communauto’s 100% electric and hybrid free-floating carsharing service for free throughout the event. Register on line as of now. The transit card you will receive upon registration on-site will allow you to access the vehicles and will also include two passes to Montreal’s public transit network. You can also sign up on-site (North East angle of Notre-Dame Ouest and Canning (angle nord est) and don’t forget to invite other attendees to join you: car-sharing is even better (and greener!) when you combine it with ride-hailing.

Meet up and Move with OuiHop’, the ride-hailing app:
There will be many participants going to and from the Arsenal. Download the OuiHop’ app to hail a ride or offer one on the go, free of charge. No need to plan ahead: just turn on the app when you need a ride and let OuiHop’ find you one. If you’re driving, share your itinerary on the app and continue your discussions about the future of mobility!

By bicycle: Ride greener with Fitz & Follwell, who will take you on a guided tour from Downtown to Arsenal via the Lachine Canal. Departures from the Marriott Château Champlain Montréal hotel at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 am. Complimentary for all Movin’On participants; first come, first served.

BIXI is Montréal’s bike-sharing system. Popular among Montrealers and visitors alike for both exploring or simply getting from point A to B, the system has more than 460 BIXI bike stations in the city. Check BIXI’s station map to locate the ones that are near Arsenal. Rental payment is by major credit card.

Public transportation: Various buses and the Georges-Vanier metro (subway) are located within walking distance. It costs $3.25 exact change to take the bus or metro. Check the Société de Transport de Montréal’s (STM) schedule and itinerary planner for times and directions.

For those wanting to explore or stretch their legs Arsenal is a 10-minute walk south from the Georges-Vanier metro (subway) station on the orange line. Exit the station and walk south on Georges-Vanier Boulevard. Turn left (east) on Notre-Dame Street for one block and, voila, you’re there.

And also :

Shuttles will be leaving every 20 minutes from the following hotels, between 7:30 and 11:00 each morning: Alt Hotel, Hotel Bonaventure, Marriott Château Champlain, Hotel Le Crystal, Novotel Montréal Centre, Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel. At day’s end, shuttles will be departing from the Arsenal towards these same hotels every 20 minutes, from 4pm until 8pm (from 1pm until 5 pm on June 15th)

Take a cab: Another easy way to get there is a short trip by taxi since the Movin’On site, while very close to downtown, is not located on a major transit route. There’s a taxi stand at Arsenal.

Valet parking: Parking in the vicinity of Arsenal can be quite the challenge. Reserve your spot with Venue Parking or download the Valegoo app.

The 2.5-day schedule

June 13-15, you will be completely immersed in Movin’On
Expect 2.5 days, from 7.30 am to 11.00 pm on Tuesday and Wedsnesday, and until 5.00 pm on Thursday
The full schedule is available here and on klik, Movin’On’s event platform : if you are registered, you should have received an invitation to log in. If not, please contact us at
If not already done, it is time to go to klik and browse the schedule, book your braindates and register for workshops and masterclasses.

Accreditation and secured access to the site

Do I need to have a pass to get into Movin’On? Yes. Personal passes bearing the name and photo of the pass holder are required at all times by everyone who accesses the site.
Can I share my pass with a colleague? No, you cannot share your personal pass with anyone else, not even a colleague.
Where do I pick up my pass? You can pick up your personal pass when you check in at the entrance of Arsenal upon your arrival. If you want to skip the infamous first-morning lineup (and why wouldn’t you?) there are two options available:

No matter when or where you pick up your pass, you must do it in person. We will ask you to present proper identification (driver’s licence, passport etc.) and get your picture taken.

Pro tip: All accreditations require a photo: if haven’t already done so, download your official portrait on your klik profile now. If you fail to do so, our team will have to snap one on-site before issuing your accreditation. In order to avoid queues, spread the word : download your photo beforehand!

Expect to pass security every time you access the site The Movin’On site at Arsenal is a secure zone: all persons entering the site are required to pass through a security check, which includes metal detection and x-ray inspection for bags. We will do everything in our power to make the process as smooth as possible, but it would be wise to expect entry to take a few extra minutes.

I can’t make it to the event, what do I do? All cancellation requests must be made in writing. Registrations cancelled prior to May 13, 2017 will be refunded. No refunds will be issued after that date. A processing fee of $150 per ticket will apply. We reserve the right to change the above policy at any time without prior notice. We also reserve the right to cancel the event, and if this occurs, we shall refund the total fee paid.

Onsite info and services

Places to put your stuff onsite: There’s a complimentary coat check, but we will not accept suitcases, handbags, laptops, man purses or anything of that nature.

Getting online: Complimentary Wi-Fi is offered onsite, and so are charging stations.

Live translation services: Conferences will be translated from English to French and vice versa via an online streaming service accessible from any mobile device. Enjoy the talks from the comfort of your own noise-cancelling headphones.

Bring your phone charger AND adpatater : Charging stations will be at your disposal all around the site, but no adapters will be available for use. So if you are coming from out of town, don’t forget to bring yours.

If you’re hungry: Pastries, espresso, salads, tapas, ceviches and tartares, tacos, vegan bowls, oysters, grilled everything, impromptu snacks and cocktails under the stars… There will be no shortage of delicious eats and drinks at Movin’On. Montrealers typically know how to have a good time, and there will be no shortage of that, either.
And no need to reserve a table offsite: stick around until dark and enjoy the best patio in Montréal.
Eating healthily and responsibly is a huge priority at Movin’On. The event will be carbon neutral with a major focus on the reduction of waste (e.g., even food truck eating materials will be compostable) in order to make it easier for everyone to make the right choices.

If you’re thirsty: Movin’On is BYOB: Bring Your Own Bottle. Water will be available on tap, so feel free to bring your own refillable bottle – heck, make it a fun fashion accessory. Empty bottles can also be purchased.

If you’re the other kind of thirsty: Wine and beer will be available at a number of locations and settings.

Your money is no good at Movin’On: It’s important to remember that only major credit cards – no cash, cheques, …– are accepted onsite. Another option: securely link your credit card account with your klik profile to pay with your smart badge!

Daycare: Bring your kids to Movin’On! A daycare service will be available for children aged 1 to 10, including themed activities and meals. The service is offered by PopUp Camp and will be open June 13-15 on the same schedule as Movin’On (from 7:30 am until 11pm on June 13-14 – and until 5pm on June 15). The cost is $20/hour, paid on premises at 1744 William Street. Fill out this form to secure your spot.

*Please note: Business centre services (printing, etc.) are not offered on location.

Ride & Drive

The Ride & Drive will allow participants to interact, discover and test new models and prototypes by enjoying the vehicle of their choice. This program will take place on a public open road, for a 10 minute course through the streets of Montreal just outside the main venue

Participants will be able to enjoy a test drive in the vehicle of their choice by booking an appointment in advance or on the spot. They will be asked to arrive at the Ride & Drive valet tent just outside the main entrance where the partner’s vehicle host will meet and greet them.

This is not a run-of-the-mill test drive. We encourage you to use the Ride & Drive as an opportunity for one-on-one discussions : Some vehicles will be available at the main valet tent to test drive, while others will be used for Braindate Meetings and some to shuttle participants between their hotels and the Movin’On site.

Hours of Operation
June 13 10 am – 4 pm
June 14 10 am – 4 pm
June 15 10 am – 1 pm

Workshops, masterclasses, labs and braindates

What’s a workshop? Workshops are creative playgrounds where you get your hands dirty immersing yourself in new processes while troubleshooting solutions to real-world problems.

What’s a masterclass? After their talk, many speakers will step off the stage and into their masterclass where they’ll work with small interdisciplinary groups of participants to help them mine the gold in their ideas, find the path to solutions, and transform inspiration into action.

How many workshops and/or masterclasses can I take? You can register to one workshop and one masterclass per day, over the 2.5 days of Movin’On.

How do I register for a workshop or masterclass? All registrations must be done through klik, Movin’On’s official web app and experience planning platform. You received a personalized login link when you registered. Note that all workshops and masterclasses require registration, but seats in the 360 Big Top or in the Cabaret are available on a first come, first served basis. Other activities such as Labs and Ride & Drive require an on-site booking. The exact registration place is duly mentioned on klik! 

Should I register early? Capacity is limited, so an emphatic yes.

What’s a lab? Labs are unique brainstorming experiences that take you outside your usual frame of mind to encourage the emergence of new solutions to specific challenges. To register, drop in at the counter in the Hangar and grab a ticket for a specific time.

What’s a braindate? Braindates are meaningful 30-minute peer-learning meetups you’ll want to book in advance through klik.

Learn more about braindates.
If you’re interested in all this stuff (as you should be!), here’s an overview of the key elements of the Movin’On experience, and what you need to know to take full advantage of each.

klik: your smart badge and online schedule

As of May 23rd, all participants have been invited to log into their klik profile to look over the schedule, book their braindates and register for workshops and masterclasses. Your profile will be linked to your very own smart badge, giving you access to the following functionalities:

Exchange contact info with a single “klik”
Just had an exciting, impromptu conversation while boating around the Lachine Canal? Just “klik” on your respective badges to exchange contact information.

Pay with your badge
Want to treat a new friend to a delicious lunch on the Plaza? Just scan your badge and be on your way. Connect your credit card to your Movin’On klik account through the secure portal, and voilà! You’ll receive bills directly in your inbox.

Register for workshops and masterclasses
Log into klik to browse programming, favourite your top choices, and register for workshops and masterclasses.

Schedule meetings with the right people
It’s also through klik that you access e180’s Braindate platform.

The klik smart badge and online platform is developed by PixMob and the cashless technology is provided by Connect&GO.

Connect to your klik profile

Important info for those travelling from outside Canada

Visas and other documentation: Visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Learn more here.

To find out whether you need a visa, please visit the Canada Immigration & Citizenship website. Need a Letter of Invitation? Ask us at

Currency and taxes: The currency here is the Canadian dollar. A Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 5%, as well as a provincial sales tax (TVQ) of 9.975% are added to all goods and services purchased in the province of Québec.

There is also a 3.5% Tax on Lodging for each accommodation unit rented in an establishment located in the Montréal tourism region.

Converting currency: You can convert money at the pricier Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport currency exchange (not recommended), or at your hotel (even less recommended), or simply by using your ATM card at any bank, which will cost a small fee (best option). There are also numerous currency exchanges located throughout downtown that offer competitive rates.

Tipping at restaurants and elsewhere: Service is not included in your restaurant bill, so it’s customary to add a 15% tip to the total before taxes (if you’re with a group, 15% for service may be automatically added to your bill). Taxi drivers, delivery people, hairdressers, etc. are also normally tipped 10% to 15%. Porters, doormen, etc. generally receive at least $1 per suitcase or per service rendered.

For more information: Please visit Tourisme Montréal.

Flight offer

Getting to Montréal

As a special nod to Movin’On participants, our partners are offering special rates on their flights:

Hotel accommodations

Spring 2017 will be a particularly busy time in Montreal (it’s the city’s 375th anniversary). So don’t drag your heels booking a hotel room.
We have some great hotel deals for you. Click on the map to discover the deals and book your hotel now.

Château Versailles
Located in the Golden Square Mile near prestigious museums, art galleries, and high-end boutiques, our charming historical hotel offers a deluxe continental breakfast, and free WI-FI. Preferred rates starting at $155 until May 1, 2017.
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Hotel Le Dauphin Montréal Centre-ville
Montreal’s best kept secret! Preferred rates starting at $199 until May 12, 2017.
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Hotel Espresso Montreal Downtown
Located in the heart of downtown Montréal, in walking distance to the Bell center, cafes and boutiques of St-Catherine Street, underground shopping malls, the night life of Crescent Street and a short drive to the Old Port and major tourist attractions. Preferred rates starting at $179 until June 1, 2017.
Find out more or call 1 877 468 3550
Hotel Faubourg Montréal
Hotel Faubourg Montréal is an all-suite property with kitchenette located downtown Montréal near the public transport, 800 meters from the Convention Center, restaurants, shopping center and much more! Preferred rates starting at $189 until May 12, 2017.
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Hotel Lord Berri
Located in the heart of Montreal’s vibrant Latin Quarter, steps away from Old Montreal, Sainte-Catherine & René Levesque Streets and the Berri-UQAM main Subway Station, Hotel Lord Berri offers comfort and personalized services in 148 rooms, completely non-smoking. Preferred rates starting at $149 until May 12, 2017.
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Hotel Travelodge Montréal Centre
Hotel Travelodge Montreal Centre is in the perfect location to discover the beautiful city of Montreal. Preferred rates starting at $149 until May 12, 2017.
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Hotel Zero1
Designed for maximum relaxation in the heart of downtown Montréal, our accommodations feature complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, iPod stereos and kitchenettes with mini-refrigerators, microwaves and coffeemakers. Preferred rates starting at $175 until May 12, 2017.
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Le Nouvel Hotel & Spa
Le Nouvel Hotel & Spa is proud to be your home away from home in downtown Montreal. Preferred rates starting at $159.
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Le Meridien Versailles
A prestigious hotel located in downtown offering an intimate and creative atmosphere to our travellers. Our exciting programs from our loyalty program: Starwood Preferred Guest, discover Montreal by bicycle and free access to the Canadian Centre for Architecture Museum provide a unique experience for our guests. Preferred rates starting at $189 until May 1, 2017.
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Recording and image waiver

Movin’On reserves the right to broadcast and transmit recorded content via TV, satellite, cable, internet, and aInsertny other means of distribution. Movin’On also reserves the right to capture photographic images during the event and use them for promotional purposes. By entering you agree to be filmed, photographed and recorded. You also agree that all material captured by Movin’On may be used by Movin’On and its partners for promotional purposes, worldwide.

Security and emergency hotline

Please use the following phone number to report any potential security concerns or emergencies during Movin’On. This hotline is available 24 hours a day for all Movin’On guests. 438-390-9395