It’s time to get your 2018 pass

Good news! Tickets for Movin’On by Michelin, the global summit on sustainable mobility to be held in Montréal, Canada, from May 30 to June 1 2018, are now on sale.

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A green-certified conference

When organizing a global summit on sustainable mobility, it’s essential to ensure that the event stays true to its theme: that is, sustainable and green.

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Ladies and gentlemen: The Movin’On 2017 Minutes

2 and a half days, 79 speakers, 5 labs, 49 workshops and masterclasses, 21 futuristic vehicles and 5,223 hours of collaboration between 4,000 participants… Numbers that speak volumes!

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movin'On 2018

Save the date for Movin’On 2018

The dates have been set, Michelin’s flagship event on sustainable mobility will be back in Montréal from May 30th to June 1st 2018.

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The Best of Movin’On 2017

Everyone remembers their first time. And this initial collaboration between Michelin and C2 is no exception.

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Movin’On 2017, day 3

Snif!… The time has come to say goodbye on this third and last day of Movin’On…but not for long! Following a successful first edition, Montréal will play host in 2018 to Michelin’s flagship event on sustainable mobility.

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movin'on 2018

Movin’On set to return to Montreal in 2018

Following a successful first edition, the city will play host once more to Michelin’s flagship event on sustainable mobility.

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Movin'On day 2

Movin’on day 2

The second day of Movin’On is already behind us. Here’s a brief recap of what marked this sunny Wednesday in Montréal.

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movinon'on day 1

Movin’On, day 1

Movin’On’s official kick off was early this morning, and boy, what a kick it was! It was so powerful that it echoed around the globe – metaphorically – and left the mediasphere humming excitedly.

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movin'On sold out

Movin’On is officially SOLD OUT!

It’s official: Movin’On 2017 is now sold out! Only one more night before we welcome a wave of field-leading speakers, scientists, creatives, executives and entrepreneurs from over 35 countries to our playground of innovation and inspiration here in Montréal

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